Last Laugh (2008) - The Movie

Last Laugh (2008)
Last Laugh (2008)

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Last Laugh

Carolin Hasselmann
Carolin Hasselmann

Last Laugh - The Movie (2008)


In 2007 we had shot the 30 minutes episode Last Laugh starring

 Maja Loomand Sandra Luedke. Maja Loom did co-produce and

some days before x-mas Debby told me she will fly for several weeks

to Brazil and we decided Maja would shoot there some additonal

scenes to use in a movie version. In the meantime I found Carolin´s

website with some nice photos of a Splatter-shooting. I contacted

Carolin and we decided to set up something new, a little bit more

darker than Unhappy End! and The 7 Nightmares Girl emerged.


When Carolin came to Berlin during Berlin Filmfestival 2008 to

shoot the first episode of T7NG we shot an additional opening

scene for the Last Laugh movie with Carolin as the first of several


Last Laugh - The Movie
Last Laugh - The Movie
Last Laugh (2008) The Movie
Last Laugh (2008) The Movie
Last Laugh (2007)
Last Laugh (2007)

The HDV scenes with Maja and Sandra had been already

in late 2007. Sandra Luedke played the unhappy girl who once

was in school a fat ugly duckling and all the beautiful girls made

fun of her. Determined to take horrible revenge, she first looses

weight and from murder to murder uses more and more make-up

looking more and more attractive and lures her former classmates

to a studio. Maja played the beautiful model who thinks she is

meeting a photographer. She is taken prisoner and bound and

gagged and the bad girl tortures her in horrible ways finally killing

her by tickling her literally to death.

Maja as usual looked very beautiful even with a gag in her

mouth and managed somehow to still look very, very cool while

Sandra played an hilarious and frightening crazy girl and you

do not know from a certain point who is the real monster: the

ugly duckling whom strikes back or the beautiful victim who

actually deserves being tortured for having made fun of her

poor former classmate.

Last Laugh (2008)
Last Laugh (2008)

Micaela Schaefer, one of the most attractive German models

and actresses played the last victim who finally breaks free

and overpowers the villainess.


Sandra´s make-up and looks are now the way she would

perfect fit into the girl´s group who once rejected her.

And Micaela plays her part the way you actually start to

like Sandra´s bad girl.


Micaela Schaefer
Micaela Schaefer

I´ve noticed Micaela Schaefer in German tv shows and as a model

in magazines and I always wanted to work with her thinking she

would fit perfect in our series.

I finally found her website and contacted her, we met in a Cafe in

Berlin and we did shoot several projects together, including Last

Laugh, The 7 Nightmares Girl and Nightmare Follies.


Micaela is a perfect actress with a wonderful clear voice.

In Last Laugh she is both victim and villainess and I personally

like her even more playing the bad girl part.