Gator Group Co-Production Program

Copyright by Isabel Schenk
Copyright by Isabel Schenk

Co-Productions Talent

Over the years I found out many actresses are very good in developing and even producing


There were many actresses I co-wrote scripts with like Jean Bork or Katja Bienert, and some

of the actresses did also produce either own projects or our projects especially in other countries.

Katja Bienert did produce "Immer Vollmond" and co-produce many projects in Germany and

Europe, Barbara Ungerhofer did co-produce some of The 7 Nightmares Girl episodes in Vienna

and Los Angeles, Anja Meyer shot The 7 Nightmares Girl in Vancouver and on Hawaii and Dé-

borah Behrens did produce and shot the opening sequence of the Last Laugh movie in Rio de



So we are interested in setting up new projects with talent all around the world to develop

scripts with us and to produce new projects.

We will provide you with cameras, technics and more and you bring in your talent and new


So if you are an actress who loves either to play a beautiful heroine who is in deadly peril or

if you are an actress who loves to play a very, very evil villainess, get in touch with us and let´s

set up some new eerie projects, thrillers, horror or comedy.



New Projects:


Remake: Die Schulfeindin

                  USA / Canada / Australia


Remake: The Darkroom

                  USA / Canada  / Australia / Brazil / Italy

                  and Germany: The German version will be shot in Berlin


Die Schulfeindin(1994) - Deadly Enemy
Die Schulfeindin(1994) - Deadly Enemy

Die Schulfeindin (1994) is a thriller shot 1994 in Berlin. Angela,

a young woman, meets Miriam, a former classmate, in the sub-

way. Miriam always hated the beautiful Angela and together with

her evil friend Karin, follows Angela to her apartment, overpowers

her, ties her up and steals her money.

Helpless bound and gagged, Angela is at the mercy of Miriam

and Angela realizes, Miriam hates her so much, she wants to

kill her.


Marlene Marlow, star of German tv, who played a doctor in the

long running ZDF series "Die Rettungsflieger" played Angela.


We are looking for actresses for remakes in Canada, USA and



Unhappy End! 1 - Dark Room
Unhappy End! 1 - Dark Room

Dark Room is a 90 minute remake of the connecting episode

of Unhappy End! 1. A photographer (Cathrin Vaessen) lures a

beautiful model, Svenja (Bettina Mueller) to a shooting. The

photographer thinks wrongly the model has an affair with her

husband. The husband indeed is after the beautiful model but

Svenja who considers the photographer her friend, rejects him.

The photographer does not know this, takes Svenja prisoner

and prepares to kill her. Svenja who is helpless bound cannot

even tell the truth as she is gagged and desperately tries to get


Cathrin Vaessen who played big parts in German tv series and

Bettina Mueller, one of the most famous and beloved German

tv faces starred in the original Unhappy End! series.


We are looking now for actresses who are interested in shooting

with us remakes in the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy and


Co-Productions Producer-Director

If you are a producer or director who loves to shoot some "Unhappy End!" projects in other

countries, no matter where you are, get in touch with us.

We are looking for production companies and directors from all over the world who want to

re-make some of our projects in their countries, pitch & sell the remakes to the networks

in their countries and set up productions.

Although we already are shooting all around the world - we shot episodes in Germany, USA,

France, Italy and Spain - we are interested in directors and producers who will create versions

in their country with local casts and crews.




Unhappy End! 1 - Dark Room
Unhappy End! 1 - Dark Room




We are looking for producers to set up foreign versions

of the Dark Room story in



- Canada

- Australia

- Brazil

- Italy


Dark Room


Genre: Thriler


Story: A photographer wrongly thinks her husband has an affair

with a beautiful model, Svenja. She lures Svenja to a shooting,

ties her up and plans to kill her.


Die Schulfeindin (1994)
Die Schulfeindin (1994)

We are looking for producers & production companies to

set up foreign remakes of Die Schulfeindin in



- Canada

- Australia

- Brazil

- Italy


More infos on story and stills you will find here:



Die Schulfeindin (1994)
Die Schulfeindin (1994)


We also are looking for sales agents and distributors, video platforms, stores and everyone

everywhere who wants to work with us distributing the Unhappy End! series all around the