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Unhappy End!
Unhappy End!

Multiple Episodes DVDs

Unhappy End!
Unhappy End!

The Unhappy End! series at first had been released as Multiple Episodes Tapes, now DVDs.

On each tape / dvd were 3-5 episodes and a short outtakes / making of.

Above is the first design for our own release of episodes 1-3, designed by Michael Huber who

used an alligatorskin background and the small drip of blood on the U.

He chose a photo of Jean Bork as the damsel in distress and Ingrid Littmann as the uncanny

dream-nun. I am not really sure which of the several covers of UE 1 that has been used over

the year is my favorite one.


Here you find an overview which episodes are on which dvd. For story, cast & crew information

see the following pages.


DVD 1:

Episode  1: Ein Mord aus Eifersucht

Episode  2: Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen!

Episode  3: Die Rivalin


DVD 2:


Episode  4: Die Szenendiebin

Episode  5: Die Schulfeindin

Episode  6: Der Moerder mit den Zigarillos


DVD 3:


Episode   7: Abendessen

Episode   8: One-Way-Ticket to Paradise

Episode   9: Nachtschatten

Episode 10: The Paparazzo Who Knew Too Mucho

Episode 11: The Angel


DVD 4:


Episode 12: Der Tag vor der Hochzeit

Episode 13: Die Kidnapper

Episode 14: Principe Azzurro

Episode 15: Immer Vollmond


DVD 5:


Episode  5: Die Schulfeindin - Special Edition


DVD 6:


Episode 16: Das Casting

Episode 17: The Thief

Episode 18: The Signs of the Zodiac

Episode 19: Die Hexe

Episode 20: Der Detektiv



DVD 7:


Episode 21: Ruprecht

Episode 22: Shakespeare Strikes Again

Episode 23: Die kleine Loserin


DVD 8:


Episode 25: Shock Treatment

Episode 26: Last Laugh


DVD 9:


Episode 27: The Halloweenies





Unhappy End! Episoden 4-6
Unhappy End! Episoden 4-6

DVD 2 with episodes 4-6.

There is a 40 minute black & white

version of Die Schulfeindin starring

Marlene Marlow, Kerstin Orf and

Claudia Splitt. This version is different

of the color version.


Also starring in the DVD 2 episodes

are Magdalena Kowalczyk and Katrein


Unhappy End! Episodes 7-11
Unhappy End! Episodes 7-11

DVD 3 with 3 episodes shot in Hollywood and

Santa Monica and two episodes shot in Berlin.

The idea was to have German and US episodes

to make Unhappy End! more international.


In episode 9 Magdalena Kowalczyk and Jean

Bork were together. When I shot episode 6

with Magdalena I showed her the former

episodes and Magdalena recognized im-

mediately Jean Bork with whom she once

went to the same school. So we had the idea

of shooting an episode with Jean and Mag-

dalena as two young women who once were