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The Moonlight Orchids (2010)
The Moonlight Orchids (2010)

We are producing many other projects besides the

Unhappy End! series. Katja Bienert hosted a talk-

show interviewing celebreties and produces also

documentaries like a docu on slavery and vodoo in

as far away places like Benin, Africa.


The Moonlight Orchids (2010) is a comedy starring

Troma´s Lloyd Kaufman and US actress Kim Baldwin.

The feature shows the rough site of showbiz when

a young actress (Baldwin) meets with producer

Melvin K. Lee (Kaufman) and realizes he is more

interested in getting her on the backseat of his Rolls

than giving her a part in his next movie. The wonder-

ful Rolf Eden gueststars as Kaufman´s chauffeur.

The 7 Nightmares Girl (2008-2011)
The 7 Nightmares Girl (2008-2011)

The 7 Nightmares Girl (2008-2011)

A fantasy-horror series: several young women are

killed and all have one thing in common: they all are

members of a secret society of witches who plan to

take over the world which of course IS already taken

over by a secret society of vampires. And the witches

are tracked down by Athena, a killer nun and her order,

who plan to save the world.


The series is shot in Germany, Hollywood, Hawaii,

Vancouver, Vienna and other places, starring

Carolin Hasselman, Wenke Baumgart, Lloyd Kauf-

man, Déborah Behrens, Barbara Ungerhofer,

Micaela Schaefer, Yvonne Woelke and many other

models and actresses from all over the world.

The 7 Nightmares Girl Episode 7
The 7 Nightmares Girl Episode 7
Nightmare Follies (2009)
Nightmare Follies (2009)

Nightmare Follies - Episode 1 : Stars Will Perish


A young actress (Maja Loom) is lured by ber understu-

dy (Micaela Schaefer) to a studio only to be taken prisoner.

The actress is tied up and gagged in a dark cellar while her

understudy takes over her part as beautiful Helena in the

musical version of Troj.


Micaela Schaefer was supposed to play the victim but when

Maja Loom came in we changed parts and Maja played again

the victim while Micaela made a perfect evil understudy.

The project is based on a script of Australian writer Brian Sands.


Stars Will Perish was shot only a couple of days after we finished

The 7 Nightmares Girl episodes 2 and 3. Micaela and Maja

did meet on the T7NG set so they already knew each other

before we started with Nightmares Follies.

Nightmare Follies will be a new series, slightly darker than

Unhappy End!

King Munsa

Patrizia (Dina Babajic) is a young woman who had been terrorized in school by several mean girls because she was fat and ugly. Now after years Patrizia became a beautiful but creepy cannibal who takes horrible revenge...