A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)

A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)
A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)
Lydie Denier in A Bouquet for a Kill
Lydie Denier in A Bouquet for a Kill
A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)
A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)

With the new millenium I felt we should move on with

Unhappy End! to another level. We had already shot in

several countries including the USA.

One of my alltime favorite actresses is Lydie Denier,

the beautiful heroine of the Max Keller series Tarzan

and Acapulco H.E.A.T. and in 2002 I met with Lydie in

Hollywood to discuss working together. It took several

years but we finally shot "A Bouquet for a Kill" in 2007

in Germany.

We shot two versions, a short version and a long version.

The project is based on Unhappy End! episode 2,

Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen", actually it´s an English

version of the story.


Lydie Denier did star and direct. She played the part

Jean Bork once played in the German version.

We shot from February 2007 - Mai 2007.

Lydie Denier
Lydie Denier

The short version runs around 30 minutes.

The story is about a jealous wife Mrs. Tanner  who rea-

lizes, her husband has an affair with another woman.

The wife overpowers the other woman, ties her up and

gags her and wants to kill her - but killing someone is

not that easy.

Lydie played the victim and directed. While shooting

Lydie for reasons I never understood, contacted a big

US production company and asked them to buy me out

so she can take over the project. I refused and the

long version which has been shot in May 2007 in Ber-

lin so far could not be edited.


Lydie used several strange methods trying to push me

out of my own projects, this is discussed at large on

other websites, including


so I will not write here about this issue.


Book A Bouquet for a Kill
Book A Bouquet for a Kill
A Bouquet for a Kill
A Bouquet for a Kill
"Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen"
"Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen"

Jean Bork did co-write the original script and did star in

the original German version entitled "Du sollst nicht


In "A Bouquet for a Kill" (2007) Jean did gueststar in

a short scene.

Lydie who directed "A Bouquet for a Kill" made to changes

in the short version: In the original German version, Mrs

Thanner comes to the lover´s place and asks her to stay

away from her husband and when she refuses, the wife

takes the other woman prisoner and ties her up. In "A

Bouquet for a Kill", Mrs Tanner does not talk to the lover,

she just invades her place, beats her up and ties her up

and gags her. So this had much more pace than the

original story a little bit like in the 1993 UE episode Die

Rivalin, there is suspense right from the start.

Lydie also came up with a new (un-)happy ending which

I liked a lot.

Katja Bienert as Maryanne in A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)
Katja Bienert as Maryanne in A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)
Unhappy End! Episode Die Hexe
Unhappy End! Episode Die Hexe

When in the early 2000s digital video became more and

more an issue, we made a German remake of "Du sollst

nicht Ehebrechen!" using both an analog Panasonic and

a digital DV camcorder.

The episode, it was 19, is entitled Die Hexe (The Witch).

Katja Bienert played the part of the jealous wife in this

other German version. In the English version A Bouquet

for a Kill Katja did gueststar as Maryanne.

Mona Glass
Mona Glass

Mona Glass, one of the most attractive German

actresses played the part of the beautiful witch

who is taken prisoner and tortured by the cazy

German wife.

We shot this episode in the same apartment

as some years later A Bouquet for a Kill.

Die Hexe
Die Hexe

Katja played the deeply religious wife who is convinced

her husband´s lover is a witch and she tortures her help-

less victim till she finally admits having bewitched the


Die Hexe
Die Hexe